Ankara Gold Jumpsuit (❤ Pre-Loved)

Ankara Gold Jumpsuit (❤ Pre-Loved)

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Mix and match Ankara jumpsuit!

Make Power Moves while standing in full Feminine Energy! The uber stylish off the shoulder power puff sleeve jumpsuit is a beauty to behold indeed.

Size M ( US 10/12)

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❤ Pre-Loved Treasure (This item has been gently worn and is being resold) - Recycled, Repurpose, Reuse - GREEN FASHIONS 

ANKARA: What today is often referred to as Ankara originated in Indonesia as batik. Batik uses an etching tool called a canting that holds a small amount of hot, liquid wax that allows for intricate patterns to be made on cloth. Today the UN has recognized it as a preserved intangible cultural heritage of humanity.


Color variations hold incredible meaning depending on the tribes and sub-groups of the culture. The following is a list of some of the main colors found in African patterns along with the meaning they hold. While there may be a slight difference depending on which African culture is being represented, for the most part the following colors hold the same meaning for all African people.

White: Like in many cultures, white symbolizes spirituality and purity. It is not seen in a lot of clothing because it is reserved for the purest people and situations.

Gold: With so many hoping for a prosperous and rich life, it’s no surprise that gold is used so often as it represents wealth and fertility.

Green: Although not used as often as gold, green also represents prosperity. It is also a medicinal color representing health in life.

Red: The color of blood, red is representative of trouble either in the political world or tensions spiritually.

Blue: The most harmonious of all colors, blue represents love and peace. It symbolizes earth, the sky, and water.

As you can see, African Prints are so much more than meets the eye. Although they are flattering and the natural color palette of African patterns blend well with neutral tones like skinny jeans and a great pair of boots, knowing the significance and deeper meaning behind the clothing can make wearing the styles that much more fulfilling.